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What Makes a Cooperative Special?

Cooperative members have unique opportunities to follow their interests, share their gifts, explore ideas, and shape their community. Additionally, cooperative living combines the tax advantages and growing equity of home ownership with the convenience of maintenance-free community living. 

At the Realife Cooperative of Burnsville, each member purchases a share in the cooperative, which represents an equal share of the business. As joint owners, members have a voice in matters relating to the cooperative and its activities which include electing a Board of Directors each year. Working with cooperative committees, the board is tasked with deciding policy and budget matters and determines the level of oversight, accounting and legal expertise that is required. 

Volunteerism: You Play an Important Part
2019 BOD.2.jpg

Member volunteers are the heart of any cooperative. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors or on committees, volunteers at the Realife Cooperative of Burnsville coordinate social activities and plan events. Everyone is encouraged to share gifts, knowledge and expertise in areas that feel comfortable or in which they want to learn something new.

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