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Our Members Say it Best!

I moved here in 2017. I found myself enjoying this beautiful place with views of the beautiful garden from my apartment. I sold my house, my car and haven’t been sorry.

We found the unit we wanted and are content in our stylish, comfortable home. We enjoy looking outside to see the beautiful flowers in the garden, cared for by cooperative members who have a green thumb and enjoy their hobby. This is an example of cooperative living since individuals share their talents for the betterment and enjoyment of all members. 

I have lived here at Realife Burnsville for 25 years. I still love living here. It was the best decision my husband and I ever made.

We love having no worries about anything! Freedom! As Snowbirds, we can shut the door knowing our unit will be checked on monthly. We have lots of activities available and great volunteer options.

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After living at Realife for over 12 years, the benefit that still stands out from Coop living is the wonderful friendships we’ve been blessed to form.  There is a support network of friends and neighbors who give comfort to those who are ill or have lost loved ones. This asset can’t be found in videos or brochures. It is what makes a community strong.

I moved into Realife in 2017 and it is a wonderful place to live. It is smack dab in the middle of the South Metro, near family as well as stores, parks, restaurants, and a performing arts center next door! Cooperative living certainly works for me!


I no longer worry about being alone. I find it easy to get around to the nearby stores and walk safely in the neighborhood. I really enjoy being close to my children. I enjoy volunteering.

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